WB, BOW High Plains Specialty to finish!
May 2006
June 2006
Seven in Indiana taking WB, BOB for
her first point!
Seven in Indiana taking WB, BOW,
BOB for her second point!
Seven - Gilnockie's SevenStrong
GCH Gilnockie's SevenStrong JH
CH Firethorn & Sandpiper Easy On The Eyes x CH Brentwood's Recount, JH, NA, NAJ, RN
Breeder/Owner/Handler:  Sarah Armstrong
DOB:  7/20/2005
OFA Fair, Cerf:  GSE-860 Normal  PRA rcd4:  Carrier
7's Pedigree
Hope.  Joy.    This is what the Christmas season means.  We celebrate family and
Life.  That is what this Christmas was to bring to my household.  The miracle of
life.  A tiny black and tan baby.  The hope
of a beautiful, smart, sweet, Gordon Setter puppy.  So many hopes in that tiny life.  

But sadly, there will be no new life this Christmas for Seven and Fridge.  The heart
that beat so strongly last Thursday slowed
and stilled sometime between then and Sunday. Instead of a journey into this
world, that tiny soul flew up to Heaven .
He will have to enjoy chasing butterflies and shadows at the Rainbow Bridge.  
Grandma Tally will have to teach him about birds.

I imagine him a strong boy, with an aristocratic head, a kind loving expression.  
Proud carriage when he moves.
Strong and surefooted.  Everything a Scotsman should be.

He'll win ribbon after ribbon at the shows at the Bridge, of that I'm sure.

He'll have a strong staunch point, a desire to retrieve, the perfect bird dog.

I'll never feel that velvety softness of his fur under my hand.  I'll never see that
adoring look.

He's with his Father now, sitting side by side on the heather covered hill
overlooking the bird field.  Feathers flowing in the breeze.

Seven is recovering from the emergency c-section, she knows.  She knows there
was supposed to be something more.
She is missing her little boy.  The stuffy she carries around can't quite replace the
warm soft puppy she was to have.

I can' bear the look in her eyes, the question, where is he?  I have no answer for
her.  A Mother's instinct is strong.

She searches the house looking, but he's not here.  She would have made a great

No, there will not be the joy of life, the hope of life this Holiday Season.

Seven and I will heal, we will heal together.  The velvety head
under my hand will be hers.  
7 has completed the requirements for her Junior Hunter title!

Pedigree for the  puppies!
WB NODROG Specialty
WB, BOW, BBBE Midwest Specialty
I love this shot, Carson is
in the foreground and 7
in the background.

Father and Daughter at
the GSCA National

These shots were taken
by Bill Dargay and Jan

June 2010
Two years ago 7 and I made the trek to Greeley Colorado for the High Plains
Specialty.  7 came home from that trip a Champion.

We just returned once again from Greeley with a bigger ribbon!

At the GSCA National Specialty on June 11, 2010 Mr. Edd Bivin awarded
7 Best of Opposite Sex!  

This is a dream come true.  I don't go to the National expecting to bring home
a ribbon.  I go because its our Clan Gathering.  I go because I am proud of
my dogs.  And this dog, my 7, is very special.  The 2nd litter out of my
foundation bitch, CH Brentwood's Recount RN JH NA NAJ.  

7 would not be here if Eileen Hackett hadn't seen a 1 year old Carson at the
shows in Columbus, OH and called me over shaking her finger at him,
"see that dog, you need to breed Tally to that dog!"

Thank you Mary McLoughlin and Chris Kirby for agreeing to the paring of Tally
and Carson.  Thank you Pam and Chuck Krothe for letting me breed Tally a
2nd time.  The Tour De France litter has accomplished great things for this novice breeder!  Thank you to Mr
Edd Bivin for seeing what I see in 7!  

And thank you 7 for being such a fun dog to show, but please stop eating your coat before these big shows!