When people think of breeders, they think showdogs.  They picture Westminster.  Showing your
dog can be a very fun and fulfilling activity.  But there are many other things that you can do
with your Gordon Setter, or any dog for that matter.  In the structured world of AKC there is:

Conformation - where you can get your dog's Championship
Hunting - beginning levels start with a Junior Hunter
Agility - beginning levels start with a NA or NAJ
Obedience - beginning levels start with a Companion Dog title
Tracking - beginning levels starts with a Tracking Dog title
Rally - a new activity with AKC

Conformation is the only activity for intact fully registered dogs.  In all other activities your dog
can be neutered or spayed and you dog can be ILP'd.  All of these activities are fun for you and
your dog, they all take training and help to build a special bond with your dog.  But there are
other activities as well.

You can take some beginning obedience classes and take the Canine Good Citizen test and
then the Therapy Dogs International test to have your dog be a registered therapy dog.  Then
you can take your dog into Nursing Homes, and Hospitals to visit sick patients who may be
missing their own pets.  Your beloved dog can also just sit at home and be the perfect lap dog
and companion!

The Gilnockie Clan participates in many of the above mentioned activities.  
Tally and MeMe
both participate and compete in Agility, Conformation, Hunting and Obedience.  
Hannah, who
resides in Canada is busy with Conformation, Obedience and Fly Ball!  

Agility and Rally are interactive fun activities that builds teamwork between you and your pet.  It
is not intimidating and the people involved are kind and willing to help the Novice Handler!
Tally at her second trial, she qualified
that day in Novice Standard for her
first leg.
Tally in the field and
with her booty of 4
qualifying ribbons and
a pheasant! She
became a Junior
Hunter in March 2005!
Hannah at 5 weeks getting
an early start at Agility!
Me Me at Novi taking
Reserve Winners Bitch
to the Major!
This is Me Me doing Rally.  She
received her RN in October of 2006.
2005 Midwest Specialty
Sweeps class 12-15.

Hannah is in the middle
and Me Me is behind
This is Hannah
doing a recall at an
Obedience Match!
Hannah heeling at
the same match.
This is Payton training with Jesse
Activities that Gilnockie Gordons Participate In!