CH Majmane's Annie Get Your Ghun!
CH Copperdais Elijah x CH Mindy Majdalani
DOB:  8/15/08   Died:  9/14/10    Color:  Red Classic Tabby
Breeder:  Brenda Majdalani  & M. Siedlecki  Owner:  Sarah Armstrong and Brenda Majdalani

The story of how I got Indy:

I lost my Siamese, Skyler, in September, he was 20 years old!

I told myself that I would not get another cat, look how long that lasted!

The search included talking to catteries for Ocicats, Savannahs, Bengals,  Applehead Siamese, Tonkinese, Abby's, Norwegian Forest Cats and Maine

These last two came at the end as I told myself I did not want another longhaired cat. But after finding the Majmane's website and discovering they were
right here in Toledo, OH I decided I should go check them out.  Maine Coon's come highly recommended by other Setter owners, they seem to be the
breed of choice!  So off the Brenda's I went to meet a beautiful silver 5 month old female.

Said female would have nothing to do with me!  lol  I'm a firm believer that the puppy chooses the owner and I figured it wasn't much different with kittens
so didn't push her.  As Brenda was off searching the house for an adventurous little red boy I was petting all her older ones, and tell her don't worry about
finding the red boy as I wasn't interested in a red kitten, I like the silver color.  I then look down where there appeared a tiny red kitten sitting beside my leg
looking up at me.  I hollared to Brenda, "I think I found him!"

He sat in my lap for a minute, then jumped down to play with his brother.  Periodically he would come back and visit.  I left Brenda's thinking that the Maine
Coon was a very impressive looking cat!  Just beautiful!

Lying in bed that night I couldn't get the little red boy out of my mind.  Then I remembered something, something that happened many years ago after my
beautiful Ghunnyr (Gordon Setter) passed away.  I had invited an animal communicator to come by, she did a reading for Tally, then told me that Ghunnyr
was doing fine.  She told me that he would come back to me, of course, I wanted to know when, which she couldn't tell me.  She did say that she saw the
color red.  I asked if she meant he would come back as an Irish Setter.  She did not know that, just that she saw the color red and that when I entered the
house, he would come right to me.

Hm, could it be?  Could this little red kitten be my Ghun's spirit come back to me?  Several people mentioned that the fates were hitting me over the head
with a baseball bat and that little red boy should be mine.  I called Brenda the next afternoon and told her that I wanted him!

He is adjusting well to life with 4 Gordons!  Though he has only met two so far.  He sleeps with me, Me Me and Habit, even was brave enough to play last
night (ALL NIGHT!) with Habit perched on the bed watching curiously.  Bless her she did not jump down and join him!  He wants to come down during the
day but Seven keeps barking at him so while I'm working he is confined to upstairs for now until she gets more used to him.  

I want to say a big thank you to Brenda for letting him come join my family! Brenda's website is
Photos by St. Arnaud Photography
the clip being judged.

Maumee Cat Show
Gilnochi Maine Coons
We are saddened here at Gilnochi, Annie died
peacefully in her sleep, way too young.

7/18/2009:  Annie is a Champion!  

4/12/2009:  Today at the Allen Park, MI shows
Annie went BOB and 10th Best Kitten!  

Thank you Judge Rob Bryan!