When my Ghunnyr died I was thankful that I still had Tally with me.  I still was very
much heartbroken and in my grief I noticed that Tally was grieving as well.  She
wouldn't go into the kitchen to go outside, she wouldn't play.  

When I received a call from a friend telling me that she had a older male Gordon that
needed a home I was like, are you kidding?  I just lost Ghunnyr and you want me to
take in a older dog?  His story was very sad, his breeder was diagnosed with cancer
and had to place all her dogs.  There was a show coming up where we would both be
at so I told her that I would take a look at Cody at the show.  

He jumped out of the van and I knew he would go home with me.  We drove home and
Cody ran into the house, I sat on the couch and he jumped up with me, laid in my lap
and let out a big sigh.  He knew he was home.

Cody helped me grieve and he helped Tally come back into her own.  But Cody had
issues too!  He was terribly afraid of people.  With a lot of hard work Cody got through
his own issues and became a Certified Therapy Dog!  

Due to some changes in my household with puppies, Cody became quite upset, he
had done his job here and it was time to move on.  He went to live with his sister,
Daisey and her owners Bill and Jay.  He worked his magic there as well, bringing
Daisey out of her shell a little.

Sadly, Cody passed away on 3/23/05.  My heart is broken, and I hope that Bill and Jay
can find peace in knowing that Cody adored them even though he was theirs only a
short time.  Code-man, my big lug of a lap dog, I will see you again!

Cody's Pedigree
Cody's Mom Ch. Rockaplenty's Shenandoah Rose
Sarah Armstrong
Gilnockie Gordons
Toledo, OH  
Ch. Killiecrankie's All American
Ch. Killiecrankie's All American
Ch. Stonehaven's Sherlock Holmes x Ch. Rockaplenty's Shenandoah Rose
Breeder:  Eddie & Kathi McCord   
7/27/95 - 3/23/05